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Website Design

Most clients are having their websites built in WordPress for a simple solution to responsiveness, ecommerce and rich media options which makes it easier for them to maintain themselves after launch. I can help you design and build out a new site for your small business in a short timeline.

Email Marketing

If you already have a list of prospective clients but just need a great email design to promote your service or products, lets get the ball rolling. View some of my example email for reference. I have examples of Credit Card offers, Lead capture form emails and product specific.


My passion for photography over the years has become greater as my kids and family get older and into more experiences. This led to senior photos, family weddings and engagements and everyday moments that you can’t get back unless you capture them.


My examples for illustration derive from having to vectorize many rasterized or photo elements for video storyboarding and different styles. While it takes a good amount of time, it’s an enjoyable process. Additionally, it helped my overall illustration style and sketching abilities along the way.