About Bald Guy Interactive

My advertising experience started in Dallas, Texas in my first agency Meyer&Johnson Advertising. I met and learned from talented artists, photographers, creative directors, many of which I am still friends today. I wore many hats as an Art Director working as avid editor, grip for PSA commercials, Powerpoint guru for new business pitches and got my first look at a grey and blue thing called the Internet. Modems were running at 28.8, animations took 24 hours to render anything, and I think Photoshop was 2.0, Illustrator was version 88 while Macromedia Director was a thing.

After 20 years of keeping up with technology, I still live for creativity. I was blessed to work with big name clients along the way like Travelocity, RadioShack, Blockbuster, Mary Kay Cosmetics – all of which I was directly involved in the design of the original internet presence (Wayback machine is fun). Now in Kansas City, my experience grew into Lead Generation in Education and Automotive industries with email, online colleges, websites and the social media onslaught.

Currently, I am designing websites, email marketinglogos , marketing collateral, UI, and any social media graphics that come my way. I can help you with digital & traditional advertising so let’s talk about a creative solution for your immediate need.

Email me directly at andy@baldguyinteractive.com or feel free to say hello with a quick message and I will contact you shortly.

Our Team

Andy Harrington
Andy HarringtonCreative Director | Designer | Photographer
Father of three awesome kids that keep me challenged. Hobbies include hiking, camping, fishing and coffee shop crawls with my daughter.
DaisyMiniature Longhair Shadow Dapple Dachshund
Likes long walks on the beach, camping trips, hiking and bacon.